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Chinese Drywall was reportedly used in the construction of many new homes and buildings built between 2000 and 2007. It has been found to release sulfur compounds/odors into the home that have been linked to corrosion of air conditioning units, electrical wiring and jewelry as well as several health problems.


It is estimated that almost 550 million pounds of Chinese drywall was brought into the US during the peak of the housing boom when material shortages were common, particularly after the 2004 hurricanes.


The facts about this product are still being determined and many homes are already having drywall removed. This means that your decisions on listings are even more critical and your choice of a qualified inspector is more important than ever.

What Can My Sellers Do?

In an already difficult market, the last thing you need is another major concern to scare your buyer. But, the presence of Chinese drywall is a major issue and one that FAR and the entire real estate industry is taking seriously.


Sellers must therefore remove these concerns up front by having a drywall screening assessment at the listing stage. A professional inspection will provide a thorough report outlining the findings and backing those findings up with photographs to help with the peace of mind buyers are looking for.


If the presence of Chinese drywall conditions are noted, the home will need considerable remediation in order to sell.

You could be at risk if:

Your home was built between 2000-2007.

Your home has a slight or strong sulfur, rotten egg or acid type of smell.

Your stove top, oven element, air conditioning unit, and/or refrigerator is failing and only a few years old.

Your mirrors are turning black.

You or a family member are experiencing symptoms of severe allergies, nose bleeds or upper respiratory problems since moving into the home.

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