This is a few of the homes that I have inspected.  Feel free to browse through them to attain a better understanding of my services rendered.  Houses come in all shapes and sizes!

This is an example of a duplex-type home inspection.  This is an example of specifically homes that are adjoined (Duplex’s, etc.).

This is an example of a home inspection done at an apartment complex.

This is a typical 2 story home with a garage.

This is an example of an inspection on a somewhat larger scale home with a 3-car garage and a front paved driveway.

This is an example of a much larger scale inspection.  This was a 3-story home with                 5 Bedrooms/5-1/2 Bathrooms.

Longo at Barefoot Cove

Larger home with a 3-car garage.

Standard 2 story / 1 garage house

Apartment Complex

Large 2 story home

Project List

Nationwide Home Inspection Services