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†††††††††††† A good home inspector should be able to communicate the results of a thorough inspection and the conditions of a structure in a way anyone can understand, whether they are a first-time home buyer or a veteran real estate investor. Iíve been complimented for my thoroughness and communication skills by many customers, brokers, and agents. I enjoy my business and take pride in being patient and personable.


†††††††††† All reports follow ASHI standards of practice and adhere to the policies set by the Florida Association of Building Inspectors, FABI, to ensure consistent reporting of your homeís systems and components. You will receive a customized report with pictures, in an easy to understand format. 


†††††††††† We keep things in perspective where deficiencies are found; however, we also like to make you aware of positive aspects of the property. If any unsafe or hazardous items are found, the report will highlight all items that require further evaluation. An inspection is not a guarantee, warranty or insurance policy. Without dismantling a house or itís systems, and not having built or assembled the house, there are limitations. I can substantially reduce your risk, but I cannot eliminate it.


†††††††††† We offer flexible options for report delivery. You can choose from hard copy delivery, e-mail delivery, or download the report (with your login information from our website) all within a few hours of the actual inspection. See a sample report in our library.




We Proudly accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover card.†

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